Vision Business Consulting gave the floor to its employees to tell us more about the company via our website.

Chabib El Malki Visionary R&D Engineer At Vision Consulting, I oversee developing management tools that enable the optimization of Client processes, we use the latest cutting-edge technologies and we attach great importance to the security aspects of systems. Insaf Bellamine Junior Visionary Consultant Thanks to the pleasant working atmosphere, serious and relaxed, my integration was quick. The regular feedback I received from Vision allowed me to have an effective coaching, which quickly increased my skills. Today I work on major topics for major clients in the banking sector. Abdelali Dhimane Visionary Consultant Through my assignments at Vision Consulting, I had the opportunity to experiment with different types of advice, both very different and complementary. In both cases, a professional relationship with the client is crucial. Bouchra Faiz Visionary Consultant At Vision Consulting, there are no hierarchical barriers, which makes internal communication easier and allows younger people to work in a motivating structure
What I also appreciate is the trust and support of the management that allows me to dare: It is under these conditions that I have been able to witness my evolution and bigger responsibilities.