Our seven principal founders

1. Understanding the needs

Vision Business Consulting defines with its clients the challenges laid down by their projects, develops precise specifications in order to provide them with the right consultant when it comes to appropriate competence, experience and expertise. The main goal is to come to the right solution for their needs.


2. Reactivity

Vision Business Consulting ensures that we respond as quickly as possible to your consultations, make a concrete proposal and offer you the most appropriate profiles thanks to our network of specialists.

3. Durability

Vision Business Consulting guarantees the sustainability of the resources deployed on your projects through permanent contracts for each of our consultants.

4. Cost optimization

Through a cross-functional, light and dynamic organization, Vision Business Consulting can offer you intervention formulas that allow you to optimize the costs of your projects

5. Quality

Vision Business Consulting is committed to providing you with the best profiles and solutions, best suited to your needs and projects. Our commitment to quality is also reflected in the non-invoicing of a consulting period in the event of non-satisfaction with our services.

6. Follow-up

Vision Business Consulting provides its clients with an online platform to monitor our services. This allows you to have access to consultants' reports, intervention statements, activity reports as well as associated invoicing through a secure space.

7. Long-term partnership

Vision Business Consulting intends to establish long-term partnerships with its clients in order to constantly monitor their development. In this regard, at the end of each project, we define with you the next steps that are part of your development strategy.